‘Sojourn’ a visual art exhibition among Museum displays

Saidhbhín Gibson outlines her project ‘Sojourn’; a solo exhibition that took place in Carlow County Museum in June 2013. It was launched during Éigse Carlow Arts Festival and supported by Carlow Arts Office.

Interior image of Carlow County Museum, which includes a large bell, a Pulpit and Saidhbhín Gibson: ‘Comfort and Joy’

Saidhbhín Gibson: ‘Comfort and Joy’, 2013 located in the Museum’s first floor gallery


The exhibition ‘Sojourn’ was the outcome of a longstanding interest to exhibit a body of work in a museum context. This project was installed among the displays at Carlow County Museum creating a trail through the building offering carefully planned juxtapositions between the artworks and the museum’s historical artefacts.

One such piece in the exhibition was ‘Merit’. It was placed amid the Museum’s ‘Mike – the man of the Rás’73’ display. It contained a lively, rotund lichen (Usneas subfloridana) atop one end of a speckled tree bark. At the other end there was a brightly coloured insignia, similar to that which features on certificates. This circular shape mirrored the form of the organic matter while also linking in with the brightly coloured cycling jerseys featured in the museum’s exhibition. The artwork suggested a celebratory status of the organic matter.

Saidhbhín Gibson: ‘Merit’, tree bark with lichen and yellow piece of paper , abstract art

Saidhbhín Gibson: ‘Merit’, 2013 located in the Museum’s temporary exhibition gallery.


‘Lichen gilt’ was another piece in the exhibition that contained similar collected material but of a different species and format. The edge of a decoratively printed saucer was adorned with a Candelaria concolor lichen. The small organic matter contained a number of colours and gave the impression it had been hand painted onto the pottery. The piece was fittingly displayed on a dresser in the museum’s kitchen installation. Many of the pieces in the exhibition brought the outdoors inside to inhabit our surrounds and indeed, be viewed along side the preserved and protected.

Saidhbhín Gibson: ‘Lichen gilt’, 2013, ceramic plate edged with lichen in Carlow County Museum

Saidhbhín Gibson: ‘Lichen gilt’, 2013 located in the Museum’s ground floor gallery.


Saidhbhín Gibson: 'Chuck’ a white frame with a smaller photo frame of a brown bird in Carlow County Museum

Saidhbhín Gibson: ‘Chuck’, 2013 located in the Museum’s ground floor gallery.


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