#worldtourismday and Corcorans!

Some of our staff and volunteers took the mantra of ‘making history come alive’ a little too literally and stepped into our Teach Tabhairne display to celebrate World Tourism Day early!

The people standing behind a large wooden box one of them pouring a glass of beer, behind them are shelves full of glass bottles

Tomás, Claire, and John busy celebrating World Tourism Day.

Tourism, especially Cultural Tourism, plays an essential role in maintaining and enhancing local history, pride and spirit. Carlow County Museum preserves and exhibits various elements of local history and culture, including Corcoran’s Co. Ltd. and the pub!

Corcoran’s of Carlow were mineral water manufacturers and bottlers. They made the wonderful ‘Carlo Orange’ and ‘Castle Lemonade’ as well as ‘Castle Cola’. They ceased operations in Carlow in the 1990s but left behind a legacy of Carlow business, innovation and refreshments!

We have dozens of bottles on display, some still unopened! If you’re feeling particularly brave we might even let you try a 50 year old bottle of fizzy orange for yourself (disclaimer: we definitely WILL NOT let you drink 50 year old fizzy orange – we’re saving that for our staff night out)!

Two glass bottles on a brown shelf one is a brown bottle and the other a clear bottle

Carlow has a long and strong history of bottling.

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