First CHAS lecture of 2019

CHAS (Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society) run a series of lectures every year and their first lecture of 2019 will be held on Wednesday 16th January at 8pm.

John O’Donovan will speak on the 1918 General Election. The 1918 was a turning point in Irish history and impact of this momentous event will be remembered and explained during John’s talk.

CHAS lectures are free, and all everyone is welcome to attend.

You can see their upcoming 2018/2019 lecture schedule by clicking here and see past lectures by clicking here.

faded image of an old poster with a black and white photo of a man in the centre

James Lennon, Carlow’s first TD was elected during the 1918 election but never actually took his seat at the first Dáil as he was in prison at the time for distributing ‘seditious’ Sinn Féin material during a public rally.




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