Preserving the Past, Shaping the Future

Video ‘Preserving the Past, Shaping the Future’
by the Local Authority Museums’ Network (LAMN).

A video on the Local Authority Museums’ Network (LAMN) has been produced to highlight the importance of the museums work and contribution to Irish Society. The 12 local authority museums serve a population of over 1.8 million people, attracting over half a million direct visitors each year.  They work with local schools and other groups, and also play a significant role in driving local and regional tourism by supporting the cultural identity and image of Ireland to overseas visitors. The local authority museums’ rich collections include some of the most inspiring and unique examples of Ireland’s archaeological and historic heritage all of which can be experienced in a diversity of ways.  The wide and imaginative range of exhibitions and events provided by local authority museums nationwide demonstrates the catalytic impact of how local museums create social cohesion in their communities.

This short video was filmed in a number of the LAMN Museums including Carlow and features three of our staff. The LAMN comprises Carlow County Museum; Cavan County Museum; Clare Museum, Cork Public Museum, County Museum, Dundalk; Donegal County Museum; Galway City Museum; Kerry County Museum; Limerick Museum; Monaghan County Museum; Tipperary County Museum and Waterford Museum of Treasures. The LAMN plays a vital role in preserving archaeological heritage.
The members of the LAMN are Designated Museums by the National Museum of Ireland and under this legislation each Museum is legally entitled to display archaeological objects on behalf of the State. All of the LAMN Museums are professionally and full time staffed and are open all year round. The majority of the LAMN Museums including Carlow have free admission.